Friday, October 22, 2004


friend just had the blood drawing bio pracs. Had to prick himself with blood. the stupid staff at sies seemed to have given a very blunt needle so he had to scratch off a few layers of skin from his fingers before the blood came. I am not doing that. i am pricking myself with a safety pin. bala demonstrated his thingy. it was a diabetes thing that suddenly pricks you and works on compressed air. you dont feel a thing, and the blood come out. he used the same needle to demonstrate to a few poeple though.
by the way, men DID NOT have sex with chimps for the AIDS to come into us. It was a VACCINE TEST that went horribly wrong. Monkey Plasma was being experimentally injected into a few people in South Africa, to test out a new drug for some stupid wierd disease and the plasma contained the virus.
And bala claimed his external copulatory organ was twelve inches long. Donno what he was aiming for.

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