I am sitting typing some nonsense and i dont know if we have coll today. if i come in the defaulters list i am sooo screwed. i wont be allowed to sit for the boards. i got my bio marks, my exams are just over. i got a 20 out of forty. it was a tough test. at least i am not the lowest. something really bad is going to happen in maths i will probably get something like four out of a hundred. i have only attempted properly for about twenty four. donno how much of it is correct. damn. i know that i am failing for sure, now the thing is by how mch. chem was ok, maybe i will flunk in it too. if i do not flunk in physics which was unexpectedly comparatively better, then i may not come in the remedial batch. i just realized how fast i really type. but then it is full of mistakes right? so whats the damn use. even sridhar is thinking of becoming a journalist. so thats me, sredhar and sid heading down that way. i will at least try at xavier though i am sure that i will not get it there. i am too underconfidant to pass through the personal interviews. damn.
instead of studying i am doing this. getting some music today. am going to write an article on harry potter and some really amazing connections that i have just come to realise. now i will write it and put it up somewhere on the web. my stupid old site finally came up in the google listings. that i count as a sucess. if nothing else, i can make a few bucks designing websites.