Reservations protests

Police custody for the second time in nine days. 1) more than eighty at least were detained, not 20 as the media is reporting 2) saw interviews of students talking about lathi charging and the like, didn't catch it on the media, but if it comes, then its false, it was a peaceful protest, but the police put them in peacefully too 3) no one, neither the media, nor the police, nor their peers took them seriously.

So we went to that place just to shoot the whole thing, got plenty of footage, screencaps below, then decided to pretend we were students and went right ahead and entered one of the vans, and took an interview INSIDE THE POLICE VAN ON ITS WAY TO THE STATION. And then we got something that no one else got on camera, the students inside the station, still shouting naras for some purpose they alone could understand.

Ideas of selling the footage to the media were scrapped for better usage, no clue how, but there you go.

1) The protestors arrive. Big myth of police coming in too late. They were there at least two hours before anything happened, the mediapersons followed, and then the news walked right into their hands. Weird way the whole thing works.

2) The protestors are taken into police custody. In fact, the protestors rushed into the vans like businessmen at dadar station... in fact, a few vans left with the protestors actually hanging out from the back.

3) errr... pretty fucking self explanatory

4) In custody... on the way to the police station... after the two of us pretended to be protestors as well...

5) A stern policeman asks us to leave, after we take some footage of the ongoings inside the detention room. This, is supposed to be 20 detainees according to CNBC TV18, Times Now, Zee News and NDTV.


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