2 more weird dreas

Today is the first time I've woken up at two in the morning after a good night's sleep... seriously... funnily enough, I went to sleep at around seven... anyway, two more weird dreams yesterday and today... one an old man in a lungi is holding a dog's dick and making it urinate in the same way that a cow is milked with small splashes on his face... a small tapori boy, a little mischievious, shows him a glass of my urine, which the old man looks at, and concludes that I got drunk at Pune. Then a white horse driven carriage and a black horse driven carriage entera strange tunnel on tracks.... have to draw that out, looks like some classical painting.

And just now, dreamt that I was hiding from this jaguar I killed, and the moment I killed it, it turned out to be my mom. The jaguar was stalking me for some time before I killed it with a gun.