Hey Freud: Interpret this

There are mountains beyond a field and the field is not easily traversable because of thorny bushes and anthills. There is something black moving so fast on the mountain, that it looks like a part of the mountain is collapsing. On closer observation, it turns out to be a horde… a horde of panthers – panthers with tusks, mouth wide open in an everlasting growl, dangerous teeth bared and bloodwashed faces. I am at the foot of the mountain, and the horde is running in my direction, which I notice when six cattle tied to each other (the first two brown and white, left brown, right white, if that matters) rushes past me. Then, ONE panther from the horde rushes after the cattle, passes me by, turns around to look at me, checks me out, turns around, and goes on to attack the cattle. It scares two elephants, who run the other way, towards me, and one jumps over me and goes away, another tries to stamp me, but misses, so it starts stamping and coming towards me knowing it will get me this time around when I wake up. A highly detailed dream I for which I have woken up with a headache. A sever migraine. Oh yeah one more thing, I stay in the same place, that is I never run, although I have an impulse to.

For some weird reason, the whole night was full of such nightmares… don’t know what is wrong with me… the worst one was probably one where I bump into an old crush… from a long time ago, at a medical shop, turns out that her uncle had made her ditch her boyfriend in preference for me, but I start going to college right then and forget about her.

Just got up, leaving for college in another half an hour or so...


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