The fate of men was not rehearsed
Just be sure the head goes first

# Humans had primate ancestors

# Said primate ancestors descended from small shrew-like, tree climbing mammals

# The ancestors of the small, shrew-like, tree climbing mammals came out from the ocean following plant life, which was their food.

# Prokaryotes had been evolving in the oceans of the earth for a long time, they came from complex protein structures and amino acids

# These were synthesized in the oceans of the earth under the correct circumstances


# The elements in the oceans of the earth and the earth itself, have not been created spontaneously, or have not been existing forever. Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen... were all generated by stars and the big bang.

# We came from stars (supernovae to be precise), and not just the sun, but all the thousand tiny pin pricks of light are responsible for the existance of matter, and consequently, us

# If you represent the whole thing with a picture, it will be all explosion of light and man coming out somewhere... the ancients had got it bang on, absolutely right, they might not be able to explain the flash of light being a supernova explosion and how tiny streans of matter flows through space, or how organisms adapt to the enviornment and evolve complex systems, they did, even back then, guess what science took over two millenia to prove. Men, like everything else, came from stars. Although they were just imagining the whole process in their head, they were surprisingly close to the answer.


# Maybe, just maybe, physics and mathematics are much more instinctive and automatic than we have ever believed them to be.