Cities are really interesting things - like little pockmarks. A fraction of the world's surface is covered by progressive, stinking, overpopulated and globalised urban areas, but a stone's throw away, the earth still appears to hold its own - being old fashionably large and infinite. the people here, are not what you would call normal. One man's occupation is to poach wild boars, with unlicensed arms, and ammunition that comes for fifty bucks (roughly a dollar). You buy the bullets, he kills the boar, both of you eat. The villagers barely tolerate the police, have no clue what the government is upto. No one has heard of the nuclear deal here, they'd rather talk about - seriously - the weather. A water pump is the most complicated piece of machinary, and the entire village runs on solar power - which is possible because hardly anyone uses lightbulbs. Many men have mobile phones - but they keep it on a shelf, and use it like a landline, because their dhotis don't have pockets.