So there was this strange dream I had where I was answering a really long paper on English. In the dream, I knew that the questions were stupid, and too much space was given to very short answers. I had to do things like identify common and proper nouns and answer questions based on paragraphs of text. The electricity goes, so we use torches to write the paper. The question paper was stapled together, and I kept turning pages, coming across newer questions, never going to the start or end of the whole thing. This happened in school, and the supervisor was always there, going around doing something or the other. Sometime later, the electricity comes on, I turn a computer, and go back to answering.

Later on, after I wake up, I find out that a part of the dream was true. I can now turn on my computer, login, start up a torrent client and go back to sleep without knowing that I have woken up. Woo. Feel like I deserve a badge.