FFFUUU Inerwebz, seriously FFFUUU

teh linez h4ve blurred betWeen t3h real world a|\|d the w3b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ b WE AHVEE MBRAC3D THE TIUbES, AND E|\|TRUSTE TEHM WITH OUR LIvES. OLOLOLOLOLLOOLO... it'z nt far fRom tH3 truth t0 say that we l;ive a cooNs1derable part oif out liv3s online we pour out oUr soulso in teh K3yboards, and \\\\////\\\\////e look at life, we xperienec it, share /\/\isery a|\|d frotunE throuGh our lcd screens!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL IT IS VERY RARE but in teh dyingf secondz of 4 badly 3dited pr0n video, or fr o4 sdecond oo|\| oyUtuybe, ro vary rarely, but it does happen ,0n p7ain old tele\/isIon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ A LAMER'S SOUL IS BAReD TO TH3 CAMARa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ u can see beyond thE screen... u ca fee7 and intuitivel know what teh dwewd si gonig thtoough 4r that point in tIme.. LLOLO... feels g00d man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ YOU SUX0R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ then u meet Rela LaMeRz int here4l world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~ you don"T real7y appreci8 teh obdeis!!!!!!!!!!~~ LOLOL!!!!!!!!!11 i own j00 becuZ u rlame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ I will ahc olol!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~ tehy seem tO be a hidnaere|\|ce THY SmELL, TEHY AR3N"T 3NTIREL YUNDER UR CONTROL, AND THEY AR SO WELL olololol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 !!!!!!!111~~~~~~ lolol disTracting,, wheeeras when u ar amongst d00sd online... /// loloo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~~ .. come 2 my ftp becuz u lame... llolollolol!!!!!!1 yoiu r fr3e, noT inhibited in ajn ysense com3 top my ftp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ OLOLLOLLOLOOLOLO THEY SEWEM TO StRANGE, WITHJ TEHI RFACDI4l 3XPRESSIONZ AND TEIHR LITTLE GETSURES what r theey doijg!?!??!?!?!?!?!? whta r they thikning!?!??!? why cant u takje anytHing at fzc3 value, you have little choice on71ne, bur Ypou ahvet o read d omany thingz in real 7ife LOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLO... y0u ar edistracted iN real l1fe// LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I will HACK youuuuuu b3cauz OI wil7 hAkc it is so eays tio fpcuz on akeyb0ard, and a lifestrEam on a screen... THEIRI s A RATIO DONT RIPE ME OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 lolololololoolololol~~~~ so much more difdfgicut to anlayze the vioce p4Tternz, edttect teh toens,,and relatee to all of that so much bettef t read |\|to cpld ahrd text, undasrstand t3h intrr1caceis bIeng c0nveyed, znd 4pprecitae trwh Thoughtz behimnd iT, u simplyt underst4nd so much mnore from text than you would form a video or audio plabyXa0r - no wait, form resl klamers talkIng to ypou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I OWN JOO WHY SII THAT LAMERZO NLINE SEEM TOUNDeRSTAND PYOU, BEW TEHRE F0R YUO, SO UMCH bETTER THAN LAMERZ YOU KNOW 1N RREA; LIFE??????????? ollolololol a social anim4l can tell u why - tehre are herds oft ehm doing all s0rtz Of things that are exclusively nl1ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ hijaX0red d00dz dragegdi nto thinkinmg that activiteIs online ar he7ping their sical 71ves olololololollol... maybe iu tis, i wouldnt knoW!!!!!!1 come 2 my ftyp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 you suck cuz I will ahcK u w1ld speculation here OLLLOLOLOLOL~~ i see av ibrance, 4 k1nd of music flow1ng ut of teH rwaL wrold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~ ca7li|\|g us baX0r to th3 universe without scr3enz i wish i could escape ot that fantasy... OLOLOL..

==========#1gl1it3 to LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! read tEh $ame ~~~~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~ thing i|\| englishh==========

I see a vibrance, a kind of music flowing out of the real world. Calling us back to the universe without screens. I wish I could escape to that fantasy.