It is my belief that all Hindus are in denial of death. Death is something like a checkpoint in some eternal race of living through lives and hells, where you take stock of what your soul is up to, and pay for the consequences of your sins. Most people have heard of the concept of Karma, as a running account of how righteous and good you were in your life. The concept has gotten condensed on the long journey west, back in the east, it is Karmas in the plural. The account runs on many levels, and there are strange weights attached to totally irrelevant things, such as peeing while standing up and having sex during the day time. Good Karma and Bad Karma don't cancel each other out, so if you are a schizo freak, dedicated to accumulating plus points for half your life, and minus points for the remaining half, it is perfectly possible to gather a lot of both positive and negative karma. Fill in all the shades of grey in between, and throw in the entire spectrum as well for good measure, and there you have it. As normally understood, say if you murder somebody, then dedicate the rest of your life to charity, and helping others out and being generally an insufferably nice person, you dont really cancel out your bad Karma, and you are still subjected to hell for it. The worst hell you can get in christiandom is a lake of fire, or of blood and guilt, where you feel the pain and remorse. The worst hell you get in Hinduism, is being in a pit of pus, sweat, shit and piss. That is the very worst aspect of Hinduism I think, and for that matter, any religion. They try to scare you with things that you would only be scared of if you were a "good" person. Some people at least, would find Hindu hell pretty kinky, and think of it as a heaven of sorts, if they were really allowed to spend eternity there. Some day, religion will break, because of how inherently flawed it is.