To create a universe is a process reasonable complicated. Happily, Gods that they make it don't really understands intricate of the operations anymore. During a long passed golden time of the deities, a thousand machines of forging of the universe had been made. More machines had been made then to give maintenance services to the machines, updating of the machines, and so on. Eventually, the civilization of deuses degraded to some type of a pool party of celestial association where a god in the question walked of esquipado on the one machine of vending, for in some options, tweaked some things here and there, and BADABOOM! Behold! for is a complete universe. Now connoseurs of the past, each time had taken much pride that had left with a cosmic cycle. Each universe had a game of the physics, a model for the flow of the time (some of them had not had the time of all), and then micromanaged, and in that were pretty things brimming.
The history of the universe we live inside, were particular bad.

Note: they were not really the machines of vending, more as a cosmic hen that placed an egg when you pulled the right feathers. Definitively more organic of what one object of substances metal-like. No gears that one in. Yeah, in this context, the hen came first, and it did not cross the road.

Our universe. Yeah. Thus you want to know. When the knowledge is yielded it, the possibilities is that you will not have the force to shared. That's the problem. In all the case, nothing goes here. Thus the god, our god, dickhead, was some really hard one drinks for low, and thought that he could create a universe where the life did not have no existence of the business. Everything that wanted was a vacuum of nothingness. Physical Nothingness. No solar planets, no sytems, no stars, pieces and no galaxies. Everything that he really wanted was a really great vacuum of the black color, look fixed in. In his state inebriated, this seemed as a perfect part to reflect the decline of deities.

The universe, then it was nothing but hole. a whole hole, if you please. Problem was that, our god, it tickled his chicken in incorrect way, and cosmic egg which the celestial chicken laid was not actually deprived of entire matter. It had a little remainder. Even god must squint in order to look and sees that was something there at all. Small specks of light, accumalated in the groups. That was one flaw, destroying the contrary case the perfect universe. God it had one good view on it, to the saw where of thing was headed. God let outside small fart, and it went to obtain another drink. Morals of the story that sometimes of existence there such large beings that even their errors is goddamn spectacular.