A modern beastiary-pantheon

The modern times demand the modern Gods. This a effort to rationalize the world in working pantheon of the beasts, that a has the control spread out regarding all humans. To think to the mechanism as something about this nature: these beasts exist about in aether, and influence the chain of the human thought in our proper brain. It consecrated that the time the reflection to the faces for these animals, and to have in superior part with the following list:

The Beast of Luck: Jack Sparrow
This is an independent, maverick of a small fiend who more than what any thing if only keeps to speak on ways to meander outside of the situation. A slip small interim, and will come back and bite it in the ass. Careful as it does not take exactly much for this beast takes the side of some another person, especially your enemy of the arch. Over all, the luck looks out for itself.

The Beast of Fear: Cthulhu
The name of this creature is unpronounceable itself, and is the beast that is of the majority of the influence to each. Because the fear sleeps, or at least, it is in the hibernation in the modern world, where the majority of the things is very safe. So when they send scare brainwaves to one human, the origin of the fear is not known, intangible, and very mysterious. Also, one of the main motivations of the modern times, and the cog in the machinations of the progression of civilisation. ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

The Beast of Love: Jimi Hendrix
Spectacular and passionate, while it is in the lasting state - of the length of which much cannot be said. Moreover, you must be hippie into the heart. Mainly blind to what you are igniting around. Importantly, the infuence of this beast must be murdered innear you, or will conclude in on being the cause of your dead. Death by Hendrix for the win!

The Beast of Big Dick: Rambo
Men have always hung around the campfire indulging in the very gay activity of stroking each other's dicks over who got the biggest kills and who's arrow flew the longest. In the modern world, this happens on-line, where virtual dicks are stroked by random and anonymous people online who congradulate you and give you ego boost because you did something totally cool. Also known as the Beast of the Ego. Smaller cog in the machinations of the progression.

The Beast of Mischief: George Bush
Yes, that is being read right by your eyes, and if you are of the understanding of what is being going on here, you will notice me saying that there is a leetle teensy weensy bit of our own brains talking us in the ever so Bush-voice. There is that tiny bit of us that really want to put our fingers where a finger don't belong. Force it in, turn it around a bit, withdraw it in due time, and enjoy the smell. Everyone hates everyone else because of this.