3 times in one month

Have visited this spot three times in one month, made friends with the Gola walla, and basically cannot wait to go there as many times as possible. It's a local hangout for the couples from school, but it's exactly an hour's drive from the city. You can go down into the valley only when its not raining.

Going down is great, you follow a rivulet till you bump into a pool. There are a couple of tough parts en route, but the pool is worth it.

A slight drizzle, a re-assuring sun that dried you up whenever you got wet, a natural pool to lounge about in, and the sounds of flowing water mixed with the various birds of the Sahyadris. Feels good man. Not the sound of flowing water though, that gets irritating after about four hours. Went to sleep half in the water half out. Had a "feelsgoodman" moment when I woke up. Of all the things I have woken up under, this rock had something going - was the best sight to wake up to so far.