Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DIY Anaglyphic images rig

This setup is by Hitesh Gusani, and is a sub 30K rig for taking great 3D photos. The images are captured individually on each cam using a singly jerry-rigged trigger. The trigger fires both the shutters at once. The images can then be made into 3D gifs or anaglyphic images or left-right 3d images. I've seen a cheaper setup that just uses two no-frills POS film cameras.

Update: Just checked out Hitesh's web site, the rig is apparently for sale, and he has got another Canon SX 200 IS rig to boot. I would have picked one of the two up, but I dont have 30 grand to spare atm.

Update 2: was thinking, wtf, if you can preview two images on the screen, then use the cross-eyes method, would you see a sterescopic image popping up right in front of the actual thing. So that's like double stereoscopy, my brain is boiling a bit now.

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