Same thing

This guy was a crazy lunatic. He was drunk for sure, and high on things that were probably from a parallel universe. No one knows for sure. They say it was for a bet, they say he got so happy that he was done with life, they say he was just a crazy lunatic. He just jumped from the terrace during a party, and that was that.
So a guy at the party looking on had whipped out his phone just to record this guy. He plays back the video of the jump, frame by frame and stops at one where the guy's feet have just escaped the building, and no time left for second thoughts. He thinks about how the guy took that decision and just went for it. He cant help admiring the fact that that dude just let it all go in the spur of the moment. He captioned it "Alpha as fuck" and posted it on a message board.
Theres this guy just getting to the party that night, and he was below the building. He looks up to see a well lit terrace and crazy lights all over the place. So he whips out his camera for a shot, and before he knows it theres a commotion and some guy jumps out of the terrace and into his field of view. He clicks as a reflex action, because of how excited he is. Then he scampers the fuck out of the way. He sees the body. Thinks about what a waste of life it is and how BAWWWW he must have been to just let his life go. He captions the photo "beta as fuck" and posts it on a message board.
Tro story, bro.

PS moral of the story: things look better when seen from above as against being seen from below