Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dream Diary borderlands edition

Borderlands. Killing bandits, aircraft starts landing from the air. One of the bandits we killing, comes and tells us urgently to hide. Shoot him dead by mistake, then go hide in the skeleton of a bus, watching through the window. A chopper circles, spotlight moving, searching for us. It sees nothing but dead bandits, it lands. A security barricade is put up, and people pour out from the chopper. Handsom Jack's draped body is rolled out on a stretcher, out of the copter. Since there are so many people milling about now, we infiltrate them by getting lost in the crowd or pretending to belong. One security guy is busy operating a machine, does not notice us. Run past all the people rushing about towards the chopper, and pick up some extra gear to fit in with all the other people. Everyone is working on futuristic Hyperion technology. Suddenly, a friend who is a freelancer working for Hyperion appears and says "you can't be here". Then a serious looking scientist guy runs up from behind the friend and says "you cannot be here, and not use anything we leave behind after our operation because of our non disclosure agreement." My friend tells us "I am sorry, but you can no longer work as a consultant for me". So the hierarchy is that we are working as a consultant for our friend, who is working as a freelancer for Hyperion's scientist. Then I vaguely remember something like this happening another time (deja-vu within the dream, maybe from another time and place, or IRL, cannot figure), and leave the place exhilerated, wondering about the advanced tech. Guess, while leaving that the advanced tech will be used to resurrect Handsome Jack, which is the purpose of the operation.

The we? that was the really weird part... I was both Maya and Axton in the dream, switching rapidly between one and the other, and at times I was even both at once. It felt so natural that I was disoriented for a little while after waking up.

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