I'm back

To hell with the exams, _ am going to maintain this blog. That's so cool man, 22 days, the longest since I cannot remember when. It's like never before missed a single bloody fucking day, and suddenly it's bloody fucking 24. Just in the mood to swear. Did I type 24? yeah, that's 22, but I am too bored to go back and correct it.
So anyway, tommorrows the bio pracs and I am pretending to be prepared, but I am as usual entering the examination hall withg a wierd kind of pseudo-confidance knowing that I am totally not prepared and relying on half-shaped memories of the syllabus that I have accidentally managed to pick up over the year of gruelling teaching, half of which I did not pay attention to... and ready to blunt - headedy face any consequences of bad marks.
The It pracs were over. I had clent side time and server side time, and also image mapping, both of which are easy shit, but what he hell, I still couldn't get the .asp output, because I had stupidly saved it as a .html file. Some girl whom R was behind last year told me about it while we were waiting for the sir to ask us waiva, and eventually, in his typical irresponsible manner, asked us to go without asking anything. That asshole just wants to trouble us. R had called today. Nicve guy. I was deliberatley suppressing the impuls of calling him many times to see who would call whom first. I think he was also doing the same thing. Somehow the timing of the call suggests so. I am definately going to call him back soon. Inspite of the exam curfew, he will probably be able to recieve my call as I have not called him for over a year. His mom is a nice lady, but a little strict...
anyway, back to the It pracs, came home with N in the train and was moody. Oh yeah, a whole huge fiasco happenned because someone called someone a clown. I was an asshole in the whole thing, but it is sorted out... everyone is still friends... well almost.
anyway, so tommorrow is the bio pracs, and aI am back on my blog. I will blog through the entire board papers man = these twenty two days were spent doing various kinds of timepass, and sleeping off the nerves. DAMN.
So close to the boards, and the leaked papers are VERY tempting. Damn. A friend said that i don't have to py anything, and he will call me and dictate to me the eight marks questions. Damn. Shit.
I still said no.
The other friend is giving it to me for free - excluding the xerox of course. damn shit.
VEry tempting, but fortunately oir unfortunately, my morals are more tempting - atleast at this point of time. Maybe one day before the exams I will go and take them. Maybe.
Let's see.
Anyway, have been making a hoaxer site, because a google on "learn to hoax" turnbs up nada.
Focus stealing is still an issue, and I am going to complain about it. Damn. shit. and this dumb site has STILL not corrected the stats shit. Thats so uncool man. If you guys read tyhis shit - boo to you.
Anyway, that's it for now, mom has finished watering the plants, and she expects me to study, which is what I will probably pretend to do...
will have a lot to put up in the pccult blo0g when I come back. Yeah by the way, I have to walk around half a kilometer for the bus stop fdrom where I catch te bus. The transition zone is being within sight of the bus, but unable to run upto it and catch it. Today, I saw two buses go by while I was in the transition zone. But then I went up to the bus stop and wished like hell that i would get a lift. I smiled as some guy I hardley knew who i had only seen once or twice... and hardly talked to stopped, and asked wehre I wanted to go... so I said station, but he was going somewhere else. So I hopped on and asked him to leave me at the main road. Which he did, and Ic caught a bus with a better frequencyt from there. This was so unnerving. I was just wishing for it, and it happenned.
what the hell, whatever... and shit.