Garuda Mall at Bangalore

People here (Bombay) I mean, would have laughed to enter into a mall with a name like "garuda Mall". The peculiarity of the place is that all the shops have a name in English, AND a name in kannada ALWAYS written in a corner of the board. The only exception in the entire place was Kiah, a jewelerry store. Planet M is red in Bangalore, and not green... there are three food courts in the same mall, apart from all the restaurants... there is a haunted house type of thing, and one floor is still under construction. There are escalaters like all over the place, the most I have seen in Mumbai was at Nirmal lifestyles with say 10 of them. This place had 10 at the entrance, 4 on two wings, and four inside shoppers stop which spanned three floors. Didnt see the other shops as well... there might be more in there... I wouldn't know.

That's me and Eddie... a hashmood companion and a core head at visions... we went to the place to take a leak, as neither of us wanted to use the public toilets or sochalays, which charge a buck for a pee.