The Wilhem Scream

I am slightly in a state of shock... thats because I just spent a lot of time watching the sequel to the butterfly effect... and cannot exactly make out what was wrong. It was a well knit storyline, put together wonderfully as well... but simply not as stimulating as the original... not because the plot was not imaginative, but because the plot was not imaginative enough to evoke the same responses that the original did. On its own, this would have been a terribly movie I guess. The butterfly effect is an amazing concept where a small change in the initial conditions will result in a large change in the results. Something we see happening in our lives everyday... its as simple as your money doubles every year in the bank, and how much you put in now will drastically change how much you earn later on... only a lot of these things are unpredictable. I have no clue why, but the wonder just wasnt there... or maybe it was the lack of a cast... I donno, but this was not a good movie. However, it lead to an interesting chain of thought that culimnated in the Wilhem scream (click the link)... something that Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, X-Men and Star Wars all have in common... it was a sound effect made immortal by a sound guy who kept using it in all the films he worked in, and he worked for skywalker sound, so it must have gone places... interesting readup.