Imagine living in a world where you end up dying without understanding a small fraction of everything that goes on around you... what you do know for sure is also questioned and threatned by what others know for sure... what you believe in or have faith in without demanding for any proof (like trust in someone or love from your relatives) is also likely to blow up in your face at some point of time. And most of your knowledge is untrue anyway, you have to live within parameters that you will never understand. This is the real world, and I am scared.

The only real escape is art, where nothing is a lie and everything is a truth... its ironical that the only things that are so obviously untrue turn out to be the most turstworthy and believable. The entire universe is like this collosal web of lies, our world and society, a complicated and collosal web of lies, our culture and methods of approach hideosly outdated, incoherent, and extremely capitalist. We dont question things we really want to, because we dont have the freedom where it really matters... we end up believing strongly in ideas that are clearly not beneficial to us... things like God or Patriotism... a strong example to get a clear idea of what I am talking about is the Allyster Parreira case... he ran over a bunch of people which was newsworthy only because of some sort of wierd fetish on the part of the public to see the rich bastards go down... the general public, and the middle class, both resent the rich bastards, and would love to see these rich bastards in the gutter. And yet, we are all capitalistic in our everyday lives, we believe that socialism was a bad idea, we ourselves would like to escape the percieved drudgery of lower class existence. The middle class, in fact, behaves like it owns the country.

Its not only a narrow outlook on your own part that is scary, its the very necessity to sit down and sit silent and keeping your ideas to yourself... not because they wont have the potential to change the world if it gets out, stupid but popular ideas have changed the world anyway, its the resentment against change itself... again not that this change will not be accepted, the world will change, and people will accept it, but the change has to progress and evolve on the basis of the current past... we have a tendency to learn only from our history, not to think about a potential future and then change that. Like whatever mankind as a whole has expirienced so far, has become some sort of a benchmark for future progress, we will not take steps back, revive ideas that died down - socialism for example, and seriously think what is best for us... because we are prepared to do anything but come to a consensus. We are all conformists, but we all collectively have never really decided where to conform.


Anonymous said…
i am NOT a conformist.

now dont say i am conforming to non-conformism.
SHutdoWN said…
I like this post.

No reason why

No reason why I shouldn't.