Thursday, June 28, 2007

अब्बे हिंदी में खुद लिख रह है यह ब्लॉगर, इसकी माँ का॥abbe एल्लिप्सेस दल ना गूगल तेरी तो ...

Use spyware doctor. I was under the impression that it was some cheap old snazzy software. Turns out that even Google recommends it. Trusted my comp to it, and it took over by popping continuous and irritating pop ups of it stopping a gazillion different Trojans from working. Trojans are all you need to be afraid of, I think, my updated symantec really takes care of the rest. It has one weakness, and that, turns out to be Trojans, which, spyware doctor can handle like no other. If you get irritated of the constant alerts telling you what it has done, just shut it down. It is safe enough to handle even stupid pricks who get irritated by its alerts. It runs in the background, showing no traces of system usage, popping up no alerts that inform you what it has stopped from working, and showing absolutely no clue whatsoever that it is still working. Use it, and you will know why it still works after you shut it down.

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