The point of no return

The point where the paradigm shifts
The ground beneath our feet is hard pressed

There is a juice secreted by the pituitary gland that kicks out a load of electricity from neurons. This electricity can be safely classified as “brain activity”, but this is done under the assumption that none of it gets out.
If the sum total of the Brain Activity throughout the lifespan of an individual is considered at once, then the person can be understood as a human, for which, all possible communication from a human must be grasped in relation to all other human communication. Difficult, but is possible, however, unfortunately, for this to be done, the author needs to die. So buy a sharpener.

The point where chaos makes sense
The point where timeless moments are realized

During the period of the consciousness known as sentient brain activity, different neural pathways get activated under the guidance of our Ego. The Id and the Superego give starkly contrasting ideas, but it is the Ego that initiates action from the body.
The sum total of human actions, in context with all other human actions, can be considered, very simply, a tale of human activity. A piece of history if you will. The human in consideration automatically gets nominated as the hero of that piece of history. Conversely, pieces of history have the uncanny knack of getting heroic. Time amplifies all that is heroic about a story, and all that is heroic about a story is the only thing that makes the story a worthwhile tell. Unfortunately, all that eventually remains of history are legendary and fantastic tales of heroism, which later on become myth, and finally fade from the cultural relevance, and are therefore lost. Even if they are commonly told and re-told, what remains, is the hero and the heroism, not the history. So buy an eraser.

The point where a new order sets in
The point where the revolution is realized

The general and unwritten history, the true stories of our past, can only be guessed by the deeper studies of human action and behavior with respect to each other. This is the suppressed heritage of our forefathers. Our racism, our politics, our culture, our philosophies, our belief systems, our economics, our psychology and our fashions are all bred in the chaos that was yesterday. Our understanding of the cosmos, that is our environment, is distorted by an as yet unforged future. Buy a pencil. Sharpen it to a point. Then erase the whole thing.
During dreams, hallucinations or otherwise unconscious and unsupervised brain activity, neural pathways open up automatically, at their own violation, the brain chooses, without external influence, what it wants to believe. The brain reads into itself, automatically, and without direction. Knowledge of such experiences is rightly considered to be “unreal”.

Therein, lies the catch.