Over that

“Where do babies come from, Mama?” asked Oz. Her mother smiled. Generations of mothers before her were forced to lie to their children. She could speak the truth. “There are a lot of ways dear, babies are formed around their genetic information, that is what they call DNA. Mostly babies come from laboratories. They are made by a suitable combination of cloning, embryo transfer, artificial fertilization, and in some cases, even budding.”
Oz was confused. She ran to her room, and opened her school bag. She took out her science text book. It had the diagram of the innards of a female body. She went to her mother with another question. “Mama, why don’t boys have this... ves-ti-geal uterus?” Now Blue was irritated. She had forgotten junior school anatomy long ago. She struggled to remember what the vestigial uterus was for. She couldn’t remember. She took the textbook from the hands of Oz, and went through it. The picture brought back memories. “Oz… you will have to google this out, I don’t know for sure, but I think that a long time ago, a whole generation of brave women gave up bearing children so that they could be emancipated… attain true freedom that men have been enjoying for many millennia before ours”
Oz wasn’t hearing. She was pleased that the textbook had managed to confuse her mom as well. As long as it confused her, she was ok with it too. So she let the whole question go. She fiddled around with her dolls for a while (many of them were programmed to be lesbians), and then got bored and went to sleep.