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38,139,186 the sea.
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Genemete, simply

You must have been to beaches many times in your life. If you haven't, then you have lead very sad lives. Laugh at yourself, and head to a beach. Every single beach that you head to in your life is filled with the footsteps of other people. You hear of those magical untouched beaches beyond the palms, with fine soft sand, and the possibilities around a clean infinite sea. Once you are there, you find a tainted beach. Beaches are like the layer>layer style>blending options>stroke of the human civilization. They are like a red fringe around civilization. Laying bare all its fallacies, and making it stand out. Its like the silver lining around dark clouds. Its just there to make you wonder and feel happy. No other purpose.
Unfortunately, most beaches are also infested with plastic. Plastic is a weird organism. This is how it came into being. Sixty five million years ago, an extinction happened that gave a major cleansing to the gene pool. Dead dinosaurian blood, that could no longer propagate, rotted in the deep cracks of a neo earth. An earth that slowly nurtured the mammalian genes to flourish. An earth that slowly and steadily amputated itself in various ways, to create an earth ideal for self destruction. Seriously think about it. The earth has never EVER before experienced a Global Warming. Since the hot gasses of the creation of the solar system stretched themselves into streams of nothingness, the earth has forever been cooling. It has been obeying a fundamental thermodynamic law, one of entropy, one where everything always has to lose energy. The earth was battered by a periodic series of ice ages. Everything froze over and defrosted into green every now and then. Surprise Surprise! The rainforests didn’t even exist before the previous ice age. That’s like this word ago in geological terms. So how come, all of a sudden, everyone is worried about global warming? How come scientists and environmentalists all across the globe, are suddenly fucking worried about the planet gaining and trapping energy, against entropy, which is another idea these physicists are totally savvy about. Imagine god having a long string of a shoelace to like keep his shoes on. So he shoves the string into a couple of eyes in a criss cross pattern, and ties them up together, knotted and intertwined, genetics and physics, two psychedelic sources of information. Double metaphors are frowned upon. Nice facial expression to get the correct juices out of there hidey holes.
Plastic emerged from the rot and muck, and resurfaced to take over the planet. Plastic is cleverer than humans really. It has made humans more dependant on it than any other consistently engineerable fraction of the cosmos. It has become a parasite of civilization, able to even resurrect itself from its own rubbish.
Who really told you re-cycling was a good idea? Was it a certain Captain Planet in Hypnotizing colors? Or was it some other farce in the media? Let us see who stand to benefit the most from environmentalism. Is it the people believing in environmentalism or the environment? Does the person who uses ragpickers to recycle plastic and sell it at a huge premium to companies benefit more than the environment? Don’t wriggle your way free of the argument. You let captain planet in because he came in an easy package.
The beach is full of plastic litter. There is no paper on it, gather everything up to start a bonfire if you want… you wont find even a single shred of paper. But you walk to the edge, where the sea still gamely obliterates and consumes human waste.
And you look at the moon shining over the waves. You stand on the beach, mute, and unthinking. You are blanked out by the infinities in front of you. There is the sea against the sky. Both shades of purple. You need a smoke.
Its so beautiful that you hear the poetry of the cosmic music. And you muse. And you moo. And you understand. Hindus. Om. The deal with it. Originates from noise made by cow in the morning just before giving milk. Its as unique as a vagitus. Instant feel good trick… try to moo in a deep, guttural voice, and say om at the same time. The heave of the chest is the movement of the optimum breathing of the human body. Even if it factually untrue, the Gita was very scientific in making such a claim. You ignore religion as well. You know that it makes as little sense to the follower as to the non. No true Christian would own up to it. You look at the sea and you ignore everything. All that is visible is a deep horizon of convergence. It is grey. This line exists for eternity. The horizon has always been grey. A cinematic pscychoincidence.
Woa just a sea dude. Just look at the sea. You realize the ground beneath your feet are slowly being washed away from under you. You are sinking deeper and deeper into the sand. The sea is drawing you in into itself. You submerge yourself into the infinity, you keep going, the waves wash over you yet you find it easy to breathe.
You are nose deep in surging water, and you are too busy trying to survive to actually think about anything else. B 190.
And you see the world in black and white, but with an added dimension. Another set of opposites yet non opposites form around it. Blue and Red, and everything that they represent collide. Tired. Dead. Obscure. Literate. Truthful, the way holes in socks are truthful. Your heartbeat is interwoven in a cosmic heartbeat. It is struggling to stay on. That’s what it ever does. It lives to try and play a larger part in the plan. It hopes to reach out and tune other heart beats to its own tune. Doing it in any other way except being selfless is a crime akin to rape. You relax. You float with no effort. Bobbing to the will of the ocean. It is cold. The moon illuminates you. You are consumed by a magnetic charm, a hypnotic mesmerisation of sleep, the moon is maddening because it deprives you of your schizophrenia. You are forced to dream and wonder when you are awake. You are not psychologically prepared to accept miracles when you are awake. You will be driven insane if you ever accept one. Its in your subconsciousness, in your dreams, that you are truly free. Who cares about incognitos, go to sleep.