Want a simple and easily understood truth? Suspect each word in the media, because it is meant to achieve only cheap publicity. Want a simple and easily understood dose of metaphysics? Imagine the world being ruled by atoms. The basic human notion of money for example. The world is being run because of it, and money was atomic until recently. Before money, it was oxygen. After money, it was plastic. Small bits of plastic rule the world. Really, even money has slowly shifted beneath our feet into plastic. Soon it will all be digitized. Humans are getting digitized a little behind money actually. Humans are coming together from different parts of the world in a multitude of ways. They are bridging gaps that could never have been guessed before. It was like Genghis Khan stopping in his tracks because he thought the world was flat. Like the discovery of America was only one of the major leaps for human civilization, they crossed the seven seas in different ways, they managed to interact with each other without actually meeting each other. It started with writing and painting. These pioneers of expression scratched out and painted figures on the walls that would express even across time, history was written right then, only civilisation fucked the meaning out of it. Then came the printing press, which expressed across geographical distance. Then came various visual media like monograms and paintings and books and tablets. There was a brief spell of deafness due to experiments with the audio media, and then the two combined and went audiovisual, culminating in the television. Chaos kicked in after that. Internet went right ahead and allowed for all of the above, at once. Multitasking hit a new meaning. It was possible to make money and bullshit at the same time. That like made the whole money thing go crazy. Like every spam link that you click on can earn somebody a million dollars or something. No one actually knows, anything could be true. There is information lying like all about, and its like all strewn apart, and everything is interconnected and interlinked and interreferenced and interdigitized for the use of search engine tools and yet, somehow, nothing really makes sense anymore.
Everything is already unreal. It’s a shell of which no one knows the design. It is not in direct control. No one really knows what could have happened. The most vital pieces necessary for piecing together the past is distorted to an extent where you get paranoid enough to believe anything could have happened yesterday. No one knows who was responsible for JFK. No one really knows for sure who went on the moon, except NASA, if they did go there. No one really knows which breed of aliens abducted Elvis Presley. No one knows when time started, whether or not God exists, why chicken cross roads, why do coincidences happen, what fraction of the universe one is a part of and what distance means to the pluralist.
People have even stopped knowing their own gender. Everything is caught up in a schizophrenia. Because the people, have suddenly become atomic. Get this. The acute unipolarisation the world is because of one bomb that hit Hiroshima. The world began to hate the word “nuclear bomb”. It was feared in the very culture. Anything atomic was disobeyed. Mushroom Clouds remained evil despite of the cultural onslaught of the flower power. Nuclear was just something you had a dinner conversation about. So you cannot blame the politicians around the world who meekly agreed not to conduct nuclear tests. And when India did this, this can only be said in hindi “America ka barabar fat gaya”, and they liked asked India to chill about the whole nuclear thing.
America made sure that the entire world was stigmatized by what happened at Hiroshima. In effect, it was enveloped in an acute energy crisis. No, America had not planned this as some conspiracy theories suggests, but it happened to be in their favor to Chernobyl. After that everything was even, and even America was forced to come under this energy crisis. Conspiracy theories around load shedding however, suggest that this dangerous sign of a dark future for the coming generations, is calculatedly induced to prevent Indians from access to the net. The Americans have also made major companies ban the use of social networking sites and blogging sites. Proxies and wikis rule, but everyone is not yet savvy on such things. They are distracted by things like Captain Jack Sparrow.
Now imagine it. The final realization of the human equation. The forging of the internet. Everything that was most important to humans poured itself into the internet. There was individualized information everywhere. Computers could ask you questions and tell you what kind of a person you were. Computers could be programmed to recognize your speech, and synthesize it in words anyone could write. Computers can talk back to you, interact with you, on their own violation. Like which programmer can claim to understand the accurate reasons why error messages pop up in any randomly chose computer around the world? It cannot be done by one person, even if he has access to the internet. Error messages have too complex a number of reasons for any human to understand. Humans are under the impression that they are smarter than computers. Imagine feeding something into computers, equations, logistics and statistics, all of which are beyond the comprehension of any one single human being. The internet is smarter than you are and you have no basis to deny that. Now people went one step further, pooling their efforts together in a more invasive and melting manner. They just flowed into one another in hyperspace. The idea of a wiki, combining the effort of individual human work. That’s like a computer program that accumulates, gathers and correlates the work of one individual, and combines it with the work of other individuals, in a relevant manner. No human could do that either. Humans became zombies. They were all dead authors. Comprehension was beyond the realms of everybody. What remained was nothing. It was the idea of the fusion of plasma and fire, it was a mesh a puzzle and an equation beyond liquid. It was a warpage and a flesh dance beyond sex. It was the old blood, the many streams that resulted in the human, were summoned together in a convergence. It was the black hole that everything was sucked into. Atoms and molecules, genes and memes, history and culture, and fate and time flowed into it, and it became the internet.
Fortunately, the humans are involved in a conscious effort to make it as dumb as possible. Which is good, the internet will never take over the world. It will smother them in the cruelest way, it will slowly collapse on their own heads, like the sky itself collapsing on our heads and soiling the lungs we breathe. The toxins and the pollutants of this rampant interconnectivity will slowly dumben down the humans.
You are on the internet. You see through the eyes of a zombie, how will you escape it?


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