We live in a cosmos

Where the visible overpowers the invisible
Where cinema is better than music
Where advertisements work over experience
Where photographs overpower memories

Where the short is better than the long
Where prose passes off as poetry
Where an sms is costlier than a call
Where the genders are dissolved

Where fake is preferred to the real
Where animation hypnotizes the kids
Where montages actually make a story
And the feminists are allowed to fake it

Where paranoia haunts the masses
The scream and chant in their rock
Or scream and chant in their religion
The institutions have the instinctive screamers

Where instinctive chanters aren’t noticed
Where life is a this or life is a that
Where life is sold off to a metaphor
Where a suitable metaphor is the only sanity

Where it is always the time to act
Where the now is the most important
Where realism merges with existentialism
Where the schizophrenia breaks free

Where matches have sunflower labels
Where world maps are only meant for school use
Where pencils are shoved into sharpeners
And rotated till everything they ever made ends up in dustbins

Except those that remain as ideas. Mute psychological rushes, chronicled, cataloged, extrapolated and broken free. Every fundamental idea and notion positioned and converged against each other to make the skull crack at its pituitary and secrete out an idea. Where an explosion that is as timeless as the big bang flashes into consciousness for a second. Where that moment of eternity that we can claim to be our own is hidden in every second that passes by. Where we can see the perspective of the universe on a multivision more diverse than the cameras on a fly’s eye. Ever particle in the universe ultimately sucks up light, and is a camera, positioned to see everything at once from as pluralist a view as possible. A neutrality predating the yin and the yang to the predays of greyness. To the days when no particle in the universe was a slut of control. You do one thing to the idea. You collect it. It is an abominable secretion that can act like no drug yet synthesized. All it needs is a hypodermic needle.