India sold itself out to America in the Nuclear deal. Who will the nuclear deal really benefit? The nuclear energy may be great for air conditioned malls or large industrial complexes, but the poverty struck farmers stand to gain nothing, and they will continue to live off government grants - a government that continues to be heavily indebted to the world bank. India has no grounds to feel all great about being given the status of a nuclear power - because what we are given some kind of half-backed pseudo recognition. The nuclear deal shows clearly that India has lost sight of its roots, it shows clearly that the government is driven by capitalist policies.
India no doubt has a lot to gain from nuclear energy. In fact, there is no option for India but to embrace nuclear technology, we just do not need American interference to achieve this. The ground beneath our feet is rich in Uranium, and the tests that imposed the sanctions in the first place proves our nuclear prowess much beyond grabbing America's long "helping" hand. If the working of government bodies and national institutions are not disturbed by capitalist multinationals grabbing our workforce, we will continue to develop independantly as a nuclear power and still be responsible for our culture and our ideologies.
The economy is no doubt booming, but poverty, and even hunger continue to be as problematic as they were when India achieved independance sixty years ago. Somewhere down the line, we have lost sight of all those ideals we faught so much for. Cotton farmers and cottage industries are still suffering as much as they were when India burnt foreign goods eighty years ago. The East India Company may have been wiped out off Indian soil long ago, but we still embrace western culture, and therefore western goods and commodities as much as we did all those years ago without realising what a mistake we are making. India has become globalised, and the Individuals are all looking to take care of themselves, with no care in the world for which government is in power and what it is doing. The corruption in the beurocracy and the sad fact that money is might and might is right, has managed to float the biggest pieces of shit to the top of the septic tank, and they are making the calls.
We are a third world population. We have a responsibility to the third world population. We cannot ideologically sell out China, Pakistan, Korea and Iran, which is what we are effectively doing if we go through with the Nuclear deal. America will have pwwwnnd India in a major geoplotical struggle, and gained a hold in the region. India will be effectively helping the American agenda of unipolarisation. Venezuela, for example, is a third world country that repaid all the loans it took from the world bank, didn't want any world bank interference in South America, and increased the price of the oil it sent to America. That is when America decided to head to Iraq in search of WMDs. Venezuela is a good model for India to follow, they didnt loose sight of their ideologies and preserved their integrity, so what if they have no role to play in global politics.
The booming economy of India should not be mistaken for actual, real, developement of the Indian population. We will remain a third world country, only reduced to the condition of the Arab world, where the few on top are very rich, and the rest dont have money to afford Burkhas. In India, the large middle class population centered in metropolitans that will continue to have a slightly better standard of living throughout their life cycles, commodity fetishism will facinate this demographic, and they will be removed away from the cultural security of what what was once India had to offer.
India is shifting sideways ideologically, and it is a dangerous trend in human interest.


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