To Be continued

01:40, Mumbai, 1994

"How often does it happen?"
"I think it happens all the time"
"Are you sure?"
"Look, there is an experiment to prove it, but you'll have to wait it out a long time"
"How long? What experiment?"
"Write down anything recently that you think happened to you, and seal it in an envelope... for a long time"
"And that will prove...?"
"That what you read when you open it will be different from what you think you wrote"

"Trip a photon through a slit"
"Dude like whats your obsession with the slits?"
"Yeah man, its like he's been jamming"
"We are late for the lectures, let us head in"
"Amar keeps worrying about such little things"
"Dude like whats your obsession with Amar man?"
"Sssshhh... we are late for the lectures, let us head in"

"What happened?"
"A man came and spoke to me."
"He wanted me to volunteer"
"Volunteer for what?"
"This... experiment"
"What experiment?"
"Well, mostly it was paperwork. Tests. Loads and loads of them, we were paid like crazy for every test we took, and they asked us everything."
"Yeah man... they called it counselling"
"Yeah, I was signed up for it, so I went through it... shit man, it was crazy"

"Does it work?"