Two worlds collide

Story of the day 1: Opera launches a new service on its browser, which makes every computer act as a web server through the browser itself. You can host websites, get access to your files, and play multimedia from your "website" no matter where you are, and in fact, which browser you are using as long as your computer at home is running Opera and alive. You get urls like or something. Look it up here.

Story of the day 2: It has happened before, many times over. Every once in a while, a web 2.0 site goes out and achieves something waaay beyond what it had been designed for. This time, it was twitter. Is there a full blown cyber war going on? Hardly so, but a movement has been alive and kicking for some time now, helped by the outside in many ways. Basically, information is getting out into the open from a place it has no business doing so, especially when one of the most robust armies in the world is trying to stop it. Errr.... where do I send you to track all of this? Read what's going on here, here, here, and here

Now the two worlds collide, here