Chat log xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

kvartalnu7x: Alright listen up, the Americans went to the moon then confused everyone about what they did there, and then made it look like it was doubtful if they ever went there in the first place. You tell me one thing, there is no oxygen on the moon, how did the explosions happen?
Frumenzion2: What explosions?
kvartalnu7x: All the explosions on the moon. There are buildings and vehicles just strewn around, and they all exploded. How did that happen when there was no oxygen there?
Frumenzion2: I think an oxy-acetelene torch would light up there
kvartalnu7x: Yeah, and they go on vacations to the moon
Frumenzion2: How do they go there?
kvartalnu7x: In their shuttles... they have so many of them
Frumenzion2: I thought they had only four, and a few of those blew up as well
kvartalnu7x: No, no, they go there, say couples, or families, and the shuttle stops near the moon, then they get off, bounce around for a bit, you know, and then get back in and fly back. That's what all the rich people are doing.


kvartalnu7x: Ok, think of all the galaxies out there
Frumenzion2: Yeah, I've thought of them many times
kvartalnu7x: yeah, and each of them have so many universes
Frumenzion2: :speechless:
kvartalnu7x: You know, like the sun, and all the planets, are one universe, there are four universes like that in our galaxy, and there are so many galaxies out there. Every star that you see is actually another universe itself.

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