Linux Installation Process

You can update a post on your blog even while the OS is installing on your system in the background. brb, deleting windows.
Used to think that it did not make much of a difference, as long as you have a browser in front of you. I can even listen to internet radio. brb, radio.
Friggin thing prompts to remember my password. For when? I wish they had Opera instead of Firefox though. There is something called links-graphic, checking that out.
Woah... links-graphics is great.
Progress bar is stuck... not showing much. I think Im overloading the ram. Toyed around on Pixlr for a while.
Strange sounds coming from headphones. Radio stream is messed up. Computers. Always fail.
Progress bar showed up.
63.5% - System Installation
Just noticed another progress bar
Total progresS: 47.62%
brb, bored.