Startled Giraffe

You want to hear a story? A Hippo and a Deer wander into Timberland park, and they decide to sit on a see-saw. The Hippo is heavier than the Deer, so they cannot really play. The Hippo then decides to try the slide, and he startles the Giraffe and the Zebra, who are standing right next to the slide. They watch his weight come sliding down towards them, and the Giraffe, Zebra and Deer scatter. Then the Hippo waddles into a pool. After a while, he tries the swing. The Zebra and Giraffe laugh at him, while the Deer looks on waiting for his turn, then the Deer sits on the swing, and the Hippo pushes it so hard that the Deer goes flying. This is when the Giraffe get's startled.

BTW, true story bro