tricks on google search

Bunch of tricks to try out on google search - and their flipsides.

0) This is not exactly a 'trick' but is very useful nonetheless. Suppose you want to search for methods to convert an xls file to the xml format, or want to generate a xml file from a spreadsheet, searching for [generate xlm from xls] will return a limited number of results as compared to [~generate xlm from xls]. The tilde is used to replace generate with related works. This means that you can search for create, make, form etcx using the tilde key without running multiple searches. Go [~porn].

1) If you are not sure of the system time, or want the accurate time anyway, type in [time] in the search field, and hit enter. This works for [time in China] or [time in zanzibar]. Unfortunately, and for a very strange reason [date] brings up the usual porno.

2) It is possible to use google as a calculator. Enter the equation in the search bar and hit enter. [2+2] works, and so does [Two plus two] and so does [speed of light divided by pi] (the speed of light divided by pi = 95 426 903.2 m / s). This works for really abstract things like [answer to life, the universe, and everything] too. Unfortunately, all answers above 4 are not returned as 'a suffusion of the color yellow'. Google needs to get i-chinged.

3) Put in [movie: righteous kill Mumbai] and you get this shit:

It is a convinient mix of showtimes and reviews. Amazingly enough, this works for Plays as well [play: whatever Mumbai]. The biggest fuck up is [cricket match: mumbai] still draws up schedules and reviews for - MOVIES! you get Iqbal, and Lagaan, and Land Tax, Pyaar ke side effects and even Chain Kulli ki main Kulli. WTF???

4) Whatever you want to search and then add an extension after [filetype: ]. This can get you the usual shit like mp3s and avis as direct links in the search itself - which means you can download them off the search; but the real awesomeness of this feature is the ability to go [filetype: xls] and get your hands on some data - go figure.

5) Convert units. Go [unit1 in unit2] and you have it! some interesting results:

how many furlongs in a lightyear
1 lightyear = 4.70279985 × 1013 furlongs

how many hands in a knot
1 knot = 18 228.3465 hands

1 INR in ZWD
1 inr = 740 zwd

(ZWD is the dollars in Zimbabwe)

6) Country info [gdp: pakistan], [population: pakistan] and [area: pakistan] all work. Even [Population: Bihar] works. [Population: Patna] however returns 2001 results. Filthy idiots.

7) [DOB: anyone] and [Birthplace: anyone] gives you the answer upfront. This works not only for [DOB: Walt Disney] but also for [DOB: Mickey Mouse]. [Birthplace: Karl Marx] returns Place of Birth: Trier, Germany; however [Birthplace: Rasputin] returns Birthplace: Russia. Needs a little refinement.

8) Saved the best for last. Do you need to give someone a call and trouble them? Are you a hot-headed male on the lookout for some phone numbers? Find a nice candidate on google image search? Ah well - try the [phonebook: name of person] search. Works in only a few countries - probably just the states. This has some interesting results though. You can look up the number of Bill Gates - or Michael Jackson - only there are 600 people listed as Michael Jackson:

As you can see (at least if you click on it for a larger size), google also throws up a map to show where they live. There are 93 people whose names are Charles Prince, 600 John Smith, who must all be undercover CIA agents, and 1 guy who shares my surname living in Denver. This can be useful to hunt down long lost friends in the states - and particularly useful if you want to give Darth Vader a call: (405) 872-9335.

Some other phone numbers for entertainment
Luke Skywalker (713) 665-3511
Frodo Baggins (518) 672-4626
Spiderman (352) 505-6771
Ding Dong (530) 253-1168
King Kong (703) 257-5764
Yin Yang (718) 627-1995
Bob Cat (770) 426-4428
Screw Driver (509) 943-6656
Dirt Cheap (203) 270-0515
Bob Marley (530) 283-9712
Dead Dead (202) 396-6458
Bing Bing (215) 769-7541
Dirty Sanchez (407) 657-2401
Donald Duck (207) 467-3292

===What I would really like===

1) [Phonebook:] to work in India
2) [Price:obect]
3) [date]
4) [Distance between Bangalore and Mumbai]
5) [Temperature: Mumbai]
6) [Humidity: Mumbai]
7) [Score: Ind Vs Aus]
8) [Chemist: Sanpada]
9) [e-mail id: Name]
10)Free Daru