Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some Panoramas

Most of these panoramas were taken at Lohgad, one was taken at Vangani, on the way to Chanderi, and two were taken on the way to Peth Fort. Tried to stitch them up on a bunch of panorama makers, every single one of them performed crappily. The famed PT and PTGUI commercial edition (got it off a torrent) failed miserably, leaving a hell lot of artefacts. The fault, I presumed, was mostly accounted by the software having to match up just grass and clouds, with little else to go on. I settled to stitch them up individually on photoshop - which is what some of these are. If the white balance was not kept at a constant when the photo was taken, then it is necessary to slide the brightness bar a little towards either way in photoshop before the photos flow into one another. It was hard work. Then along comes Rossi from my office, and shows me a feature in CS3. Go to file>automate>photomerge, select the photos and you are done! It works wonderfully, correcting even brightness and contrast errors better than doing it manually. Some of these panoramas are proper 360 degree cylinderical panoramas - they have been made into the circular panoramas. The circular panoramas were made by stretching out the panoramas to a square, inverting them, using the polar co-ordinates filter in photoshop, and getting rid of the line where they match up. Use the rectangular to polar setting if you wanna try it. They are called 'planets', these are not great, but are my first attempt.

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