Some Macro Photography

These are all downsized photos taken during a trek to Lohgad. Lohgad cannot actually be called a trek, as there is a pakka road almost all the way to the top. From there on there are proper steps to reach the fort. The entire area is full of asters and bluebells, and a lot of other flowers. One particular stretch was so good that we dubbed it Switzerland. This is doing it a great injustice, as it is a unique location and does not need to be compared. However, we created a stir amongst eavesdroppers who heard snippets of conversation like "if there is no sun, let's go sleep in Switzerland".

That apart, the trek is great for checking out some authentic Maharashtrian flora, and for a host of tiny beautiful critters. Think of these insects... and the one mollusc as unique individuals, who have no concept of vanity, and no means to appreciate their own existance. Such a pity.

To be frank, this one was posed. The leaf was moving like crazy, the caterpillar was roving all over the place, and this is one of at least ten-twelve shots. The difficult part was to get it to focus, as it is impossible to use the autofocus function while shooting close-ups.

There is almost no concept of size here, as the background is all blurred, but the spider was tiny. It had just finished another portion of a large web, the thread can be made out in the photo.

This was a very easy shot actually, as the insect was still for long enough to take plenty of shots. It was possible to photograph it from different angles. The flowers seen here bloom in elongated clusters, and a tree full of them is a sight to behold - but they are pretty common around there.

These flies were HUGE... but both patient models.

This snail is my favorite of the lot. Where else have you seen the color grey being the most interesting in a field of green, blue, yellow and pink? I spotted it by chance, was looking straight at it without knowing it was there.