finally this shit loaded. Took a long time to. Msn so totally sucks, every time I try to sign in, the page not available error loads up and the computer sits still like a scared rabit in october.
Now i have nothing to do but rant on this blog, and the blog failed to load too. I need cable net or atleast dsl. this dialup shit is not for me. it is to damn slow. i ranted in inverse handwriting on a bottle.
anyway, got the original washingtonionine finally. have it saved. Its right here at blogspot! cool no?
eighteen yellow roses. nice song.
Playing deus ex now, am messing about in hongkong. 50 days to go for the boards, or about that much. I AM SURELY GOING TO FAIL THE MOST IMPORTANT EXAMS OF MY LIFE. Damn.
eighteen yellow roses will wilt and die one day...

new song just loaded. wondering what it is. Listening to winamp. winamp3 is soooo much better than winamp5. winamp3 has a cooler sort feature, a cooler media library, only lesser skin support...
writing another nice story about a temporal shift...
the "snail" is hibernating. the snail is a ovoid sticker that i cut halfway through and folded up to look like a snail. its been stuck on the cieling by me for like forever now. Will upload a pic of it if I feel like it.