paper leaks

damn man, i know atleast two guys who can give me the papers. I am facing my biggest dilemma now, I have to pay nuts, and seriously, no one will ever know. But then, somehow, i can't bring myself to do it. sometimes i feel like taking them, sometimes i feel like not taking them. i am never going to take them, that is what i am feeling right now, but you can never say really...
I am not going to take it. even if i fail, no matter what happens i am not going to take it. hey, i'll make that my new year resolution - i will not take the papers.
The only real reason i am not touching them is that i am damn scared of what will happen if i am caught, though i am certain i wont, i don't even want to take the .0000001 percent risk of doing it. later in my life, i wil have to look back and sya damn i cheated, i don't want that.
but what if i look back and say damn if i would have taken them, things would be so much better.
this is really the most indesisive i have ever been in my life.


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