long time no see

reading a VERY cool book, nomad of the time streams by moorcock right now. Am dreaming of swimming through the time streams. A nice short story called god's eye view is brewing up in my head. Shows how god looks at the univers. Like in the most detailes resolution, each version of the universe is an array of all the individual particles. A slightly burnt down version would be small protons or electrons and their absolute state. a much simplified and vulger picture would be small objects (like packets of air or grass) changing shape as they slip through time. Also, matter disappearing from one cell in the array and reappearing elsewhere. All this is the representation of a single universe, whereas there are many others. infact, in an exponentially growing program (like a virus) absolute existance, is the permutations and combinations of every single particle in every possible ways. Like on some earths in some universes, the colors will be different, or just one small blade of grass in japan would be different, and there would be as many universes as there were blades of grass, and in fact as many particles contained in a finite universe. So basically, its a big number, which is not even a tiny negligible infinitesimal fraction of infinity....
nice story i think, but totally incomprehensible even to me.
wrote a couple of new ones, don't have the energy to upload them...
called Karan. birthday august 12, I have to remember that. ok