I am a soldier of fortune

got jp and a bunch of really nice rocks songs that I have never even heard before, and have only slightly heard the names of the bands. it seems moist vagina and some scuicidical song of nirvana have been banned, and somehow, i have both of them on my pc. i have no idea from where it came.
anyway, so there's p's brother whose come from somewhere like kuwait, but i'm not too sure, and he cracked a really good joke. a,a, me,and p's bro were talking about the mood-i fest in iit powai, and we were worried about the leopards, so this guy says that the rock concert will probably drive them away, so this other guy says, maybe a deaf leopard will show up, or should i say deff lepard?
not seen jp yet, but swades is cool. not seen matlab, not seen it on the vcd i got. seems vcds are going out of fashion in the us. saw bits of far and away today... cool movie. somewhat.
however, the tv has begun to show outright double ex porn, that too on the cable networks, and these politicians fight about some really ok shit being shown on sat tv, when their own admi log are showing utter tasteless vulger crap in the local circles.
no matter what swades says, if the savior kalki doesen't come soon, we are really doomed.
i don't think he/she will come.
damn we are really doomed.