fifteen years till doomsday.
unless it is today. Such a sad transition into the new year. It is 2005, and I am still whiling away time instead of studying. DAMN!
If I fail, I swear I will never get over it, and it is highly possible that I will. Still somehow, I look past all of it and manageto enjoy.
Went to a newyear bash today. spent 1102 bucks, all of us together. I had to shell out a load, we had the biggest chunks and the least cash. Pizza was supercool.
Then went to eden woods and caught up with building friends. Just chatter, and we pretended it was antartica and a was a penguin.
Anyway, heard about the snowfall in the gulf? so wierd. heard about the grass in antartica thats so very wierd.
About the bash: went to y's house. The way is to go to swapnanagri via veenanagar, then go down the bridge and take a left. Has a cool terrace flat. s moved around on all the other terraces. we had fun. i wasn't allowed to sit on the edge. they said i would be doing a shilpa shetty. Guess who wanted to kill me... who the hell was sharukh khan.
my mom thinks i am gay. damn.
Ok, then we ate some really cool pastries, hogged more like. saw the house which had been recently cleaned. y doesen't torture her naani afterall. this is all crap anyway.

about the building friends ka meet.
a, a, me, a, and l were supposed to meet. A calls up and says everyone are coming, so come on over. A calls me after that and says a had called him, and that everyone were coming, and to meet him. i did. we went to eden woods, nd on the way met a and her sisters. they were gouing somewhere, and probably wondering where we were going, as they were obviously not going to come. a had connned a and me! no one was coming, he had not called anyone. we began to head over to his house, and promised each other to kill a when we meet him.
So we went up to a's house, this is the conversation between a and a...
a: so, did you call a?
a: what the hell, you told me she is coming
a: no, you said that she was coming
a: what a liar! (looks at me)
I laugh my ass out and say: he's really good at this, man
a: you called her, didn't you?
a: yes i did, twice
a: so what did she tell you
a: I called her, but she did not lift up the phone
I burst at this point...
We ended up talking about s and his atrocious bluffs. Seems when he was a kid, he had claimed that he had eaten his way into the ground, all the way to america, and was thinking of eating the whole of america when a dog came to him and puked in front of him, so he ate the dog and came back home.
when he was a little older, he said something like.. ok forget it too funny and complicated to say, and has temporarily slipped my mind...
then a's mom and two sibs came home, so we headed over down, struggled a bit over the intrcom and the apparent and totally untrue effort of the EWCA to try to organize a cultaral event, and finally managed to coax l to come down. l, a, and me sat on the swing and pretended we were in antartica, and a stood there, and was the penguin...
what a laugh...
then i came home, and went to the party downstairs. was hungry, so asked moim to give me kaalu, thats chana, and thats like pulses, and i was so fulll that i was not in the mood to eat, so i went dow, pretended to eat, ancd came back up
and i was watching devdas at home when the new year came and went, and now I am typing this shit here beause gmail is not working again, and what the hell who cares anyway....
so bye, and happy new year.