Being a firm atheist is the dumbest thing you can ever do. I think blind belief is actually better than blind disbelief. Some people can exploit your religion by taking monetary donation towards their, or even your faith, and this is something I don't agree with. A belief is a very personal thing, and there should not be any effort to 'propagate' a "truth" about God. There should only be debates and guidance towards a personal choice... you know.a blind belief, as long as it in no way interferes with our finances, it is OK. But a blind disbelief, in my perception of God, does not anger them or Irk them. They are above such things, OR, they are too dumb to understand, but a blind disbelief closes our mind to the amazing possibilities that theism has to offer. Forget a control over a material world, the magic of which an Atheist can never experience, but imagine a personal connection, as an Enlightened theist always has, with the power or powers. Imagine the pleasure of countless, endless, and in many times constant debates, mostly with oneself, about the possible origins of the universe...And there are many people who were firm atheists who have converted back to theism, after discovering a few things. Those who are too narrow - minded to see the obvious signs, just simply suffer, If only because of a lack of an individual idea of a God.Of course, he may not exist, of course it may all be psychological effects, but the bottom-line is, that somehow it gives strength, even if you overlook certain phenomenon that CAN be explained as luck or coincidence. And some just amaze you.Obviously, something happened today.But it is exactly that sort of a Miracle which CAN be explained as a coincidence... but the same thing keeps happening almost every single day.That is why I am going to take it with me to the grave. I am embarrassed.. embarrassed about the bad view that blind Atheists take about us believers...
An Atheist will only know the happiness of good luck, never the happiness of witnessing a Miracle. On a dailyfuckingbasis.