about today - as promised

In the murky underbelly of a dark corner of the internet lies a blog by a person who is very much trying to and totally failing to sound like Douglas Adams.
This person, is for the first time, is referring to himself in third person very much like a guy called Julius Ceasar used to do around two and a half millenia ago.
This person, will now talk about his totally futile day, and would much rather be a decadent roman from two and a half millenia before his time, enjoying a few dancing girls and imported gaulish wine.
This implies that the person is very much into humour, as not only is he failing to sound like Douglas Adams, but he is also utterly failing to hide the fact that he totally digs a series of comics about a fictitious Gaulish warrior called Asterix.
This therefore implies that the blogger wastes a lot of time doing crap, and that was exactly how his day managed to go by.
-He got up in the morning with an intention of studying like hell throughout the day
-He somewhat didn't exactly study like hell throughout the day, but did a few chapters and went to sleep
-He got up and shelled peas over watching a few scenes of charlie's Angels
-He saw bits of the wpc after that. Thats the world poker champion
-He is listening to a good but unkown song on the radio right now
-He installed netscape, and thinks it is a much better browser as shit like picassa and hotmail logins actually began to work, but yahoo mial an blogger does not look too good as the nav buttons are all over the place
-some one called angel eyes has sung SOS, and thats an ABBA song, and he resents that
-Its cool to reffer to him in third person
-What the hell