Did not get cablenet even today. The stupid guy was out of LAN cards, andit will come only tommorrow. Ah well, another day of mtnl. Who cares, does not affect me much. I have to study for the physics pracs day after tommorrow. Don't know if I have one experiment to do or two. Who caes anyway, I have the journal with me now, and can handle it well. IF nothng else, I will learn the readings byrote and just copy them down. They will work well for most of the experiments. Went to coll and caught up with my friends. Traditional day today, and I wore the same kurta that I had worn to last year's traditional day and the farewell party of our batch. After fooling around a bit in the lab, went to garnsih, after going to another restaurant that wasn't open, and we had to walk a lot because of su or Jo I don't know which. Bala got a book called records and curiosities in Obstetrics and Gynecology, which is just doo damn funny, and according to me, lies a bit too much. I mean, there is actually a record of a woman getting pregnant when a bullet fired by someone hits someones testicles and then penetrates her. How bloodyfuckingweird.talked to S about greek mythology, and told her the stories of Aphrodite, Uranus, Gaia, Zues, The minotaur, and dedalus. After GArnish, we went to 7-11, and someone paid me for my ice-cream. YEah, S did. The name of the restaurant that was closed was relax, to the best of my knowledge. I passed right under the old matunga canara bank branch where mymomma used to workd. I also passed by the neighbourhood where my grand-aunt, or whom i call matunga ajji used to live. I could have probably entered her apartment if I had borrowed the keys from her neighbours, but it was a long shot, and prove of no use anyway. what the hell. Really miss her apartment,and she still rents it out because the bill is just like forty bucks per month. That's damn too cheap.I need to improve on my typing... I type fast enough, but my fingers do nothit the correct keys. They just hit the keys one letter ahead or behind in the word, if you get what I am saying. IF I sat down to type the book, I would probably make it by morning. I wanted to xerox the book, but I am sure it will rpove to be too costly, so I will gather my own stuff from the net, thouygh a search will probably turn up a lot of porn, those bastards, or I will note down the more interesting points in the book. Yeah, I might even blog it later tonight. Infact, that is what i intend to do, instead of playing deus ex. I have in fact compeleted the game, and only have to explore the other two endings. Like I said, I totally agree with the game's philosophy for that particular ending, what the world really needs is a benevolent dictator. I totally and absolutely agree, even if it has to be a machine... or Tracer tong's version of another dark age is less pleasing an option, but almost an equally good one. The illuminati ending is the worst one, and though it would give me, or rather JC a lot of power, it would essentially be the same thing, a dictatorship, but not a very benevolent one. Who cares anyway, like I can ever make any differenece. That's totally another story, all said and done, it really does not matter from a cosmic perspective. Like, no matter how many games I play, andhow inspired I am, and how Iforce my views to the world, and change the future course of history four a billion millenia, a trillion millenia later, when earth is covered by dust, it won't matter. Anything any single individual can do, or a population, or any grouping of any kind can possibly do will have absolutely no effect from a cosmic perspective. Damn, you know.