Sunday, January 09, 2005

Conversation has run dry

Listening to are you ready by ACDC right now. Father is having his dinner of three idlis, and that's all the time I have to sneak in and write this blog. He is writing up questions for the Brain of Vasant Vihar competition tommorrow. What the hell, that's why I don't get the PCSo today's day went better than the normal go write an exam crap. Wanted to go to britich council to turn in the books, and make it back in fourhours, but Ended up watching phone booth, and had only three hours to do the job, did it in three and a half. Got a new pass today, valid for three months, most of it is gonna go waste, and my father finished eating, so I have to save and stop now, probably.Also, must remember to bog about political symbolism in Indian Cinema.Saw bits of the movie with a name something like becoming a rockstar, with jennifer anniston being very young. They actually showed a nipple piercing. Owwww. How did they do that? This song by ACDC was going on then. Now it ended. So cool no? Exact time when the blog, and the dinner was finished...

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