About the last about today

Maybe not. Atleast this blog will stay alive till the boards... I don't study so much, but the other two will go. Will go to ragnorak now...
ah well.
classic twist to the tail

An old man, his grandson and his donkey were going from point A to point B. Now the man is walking, and the boy is sitting on the donkey. The people say that the poor manis walking whuile theyoung boy is sitting... what a bad boy he must be. so the man and his grandson sqitch places. then the people begin to say the the old man is troubling the young boy by making him walk. So neither the man or the boy sit on the donkey. So the people say that they are both fools, as they have a donkey, and they are both walking .Idiots. So Both the man and the boy sit on the donkey, then the townsfolk murmer that the donkey is being ill-treated.
They are deciding what to do over a bridge, and the donkey falls off and dies. Moral of the story : If you try to please everybody at once, you will lose your ass.
Got it as a forward.
Today sucked as usual. Read a hell lot of lotr... a in the taming of smeagol now...