Political musings

Yeah, it all began with watching this stupid movie, and there were political stuff hidden in it, which I found both cheap and disgusting... Ok, so was watching this movie called Coolie with Amitabh Bachan, where he actaully father (or is it mothers) a Chicken! There is this scene where a girl switches the radio between a yoga channel and a cookery channel, and the big B has to go through the humiliating routine of following the garbled instructions, and ends with his legs around his neck and fathering/mothering a chick.The thing about this is that this movie, and a loas of other movies of this time, were full of political symbolism. There is alwas a poster of a hand in some young guy's locker. Which young guy would keep the symbol of the congress in his locker?This movie, coolie, had a fight sequence, the bad guy is fighting with a pitchfork (the symbol for the BJP), and the good guy is fighting with a hammer and a sickle, the symbol for the socialist party. The movie was full of socialist propoganda, with Amitabh Bacchan giving those typical socialist speeches like, "the world is running on we poor people's shoulders" and "the rich just cheat us, make us sweat till we bleed and sit comfortably in houses we have built..."Persoonally, I find anarchism to be very funny, Anarchists get to rebel against any authority. That's so cool. Just go against any loose form of government you have, and be done with the whole goddamn argument. Somewhat primitive, but should work. IT would realy meen freedom. The kind of wild savage freedom that we cannot expect to have in a civilised society. Hey, just realized this, civilisation probably destroys freedom by itself, because the process of establishing a legal/moral framework, and an administrative system to preside over it, itself takes so bloody long, and each effort is drastically protested against by some revolution or another that you end up curbing the individual's freedom, no mater in which era he lives, under whichever form of government.Democracy does not work, merely because people do not tend to agree on the same things. A democracy is, according to me, the worst possible form of government. Since everybody gets to have a say, nobody is satisfied in the end. And there is not much choice actually. If there is just one guy to eat the money and live in comfort up there, like a monarch, or even a dictator, then the people on the whole will not lose much money. In a Democracy, a load of people sit and rake in the cash, and do absolutely nothing. I don't think there will ever be a perfect form of government.What we really need is a totalitarianism community, where the dictator in charge is kind, and really likes the poeple. Yeah, likes that ever possible.The world is going to the dogs, the best you can do is hold out on your own.... BUT BUT BUT, I really like the things that the Congress is doing right now... Yah well, bye
Damn What Have I become?