Test results


Purity test
You show signs of promise, but you usually let your conscience get the better of you. You would probably have a lot more fun if you came over to the dark side every now and then. But then again, you'd probably get in a lot more trouble.

Car test
Dows not apply to me, The tst should be taken after I buy a car

Suces test
Seems like I am stuck on nine for everythin. I still don't make any dough though, so I think this test does not count too...
Your score is 9!
6-10: Things could be worse, but, like your underlings, you need to step up to the success piƱata and start swinging like you really mean it.

Just call me el stupido. Por favor. I like that
Your score is 7!
6-10: You may not be the leader of the pack when it comes to smarts, but you're damn close. We're hoping you can make up for the deficit with a tinge of personality.

online IQ test, as a rule, do not work...

Death test
Your score is 17!
15-20: Your squeaky-clean lifestyle will probably see you into the next millennium. According to my sources, you may not like what you find there.

Finally, I am IN an extreme category, even though I said that things like bungee jumping are my hobbies. Well, they could be. I disappear into the untamed wilderness sometimes. Yesterday, I was like four feet away from an unwatched and probably live tnt wick...

Nerd test

Your score is 10!
6-10: You're straddling the nerd/non-nerd border and the border control is closing in on you. Best apply for dual citizenship.

Yessss.... I am not a nerd afterall. Though any real life that I live is virtual...

Filthy America-centric tests though

Sports test

Your score is 10!
6-10:When you're old and gray, you'll be able to hang out with old, loudmouthed sports dorks like John Madden or Bill Walton. That'll be fun ? NOT!
What the hell??

There you are