Friday, January 07, 2005

Swades a good topic

Yeah, I was getting bored of all that "why are we here" thingy. Ok, so Swades... Saw the movie. Throughout the movie, I had this feeling that it was not actually going anywhere. Frankly, it was very boring. I know it is a very beautifully made movie and that it has gotten excellent critical review and all that, but seriously, it wasn't ABOUT anything. The sum total of the entire movie was, "apne aangan ka diya giving light to neighbour's house". That was it. The last song sequence, A.R. Rehman's "yeh jo des hai tera" was the only part in the whole movie that you felt any emotional attachment to. I know it is different from all the senseless movies out there (The pocorn khao... or I proud to be Indian type), but it is a commercial film afterall, and you cannot expect audiences to sit and watch the movie in what can only be something like placid appreciation, for the diffference, the sensitivity... and the novelty of the authentic rural settings.. You don't actually feel anything for the movie, it is diffrent, it is more sensible, and more real, but totally fails to do anything in the entertainment department. I am not taking an extreme point of view, I really like the movie, once I had done seeing it that is, it's just that no one else seems to have felt bored watching the movie... If you guys have seen Lakshya, it was also equally realistic, and sensible, and it was also entertaining, the movie actually went from point A to point B via C,D,E,F.... Instead of hovering around the same place. Throughout the movie you keep saying to yourself, ok that's cool, but so what?So, what do you people think?And doesn't the holy donkey really like Torrentino movies? Kill Bill 2, give it your treatment "...all storytelling, no story..." et cetera. Would be fun to read....

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