About today

Ok, got up late, did a little bit of studies then caught up with my people on the train, or in the coll. Finally gave back s's underwear. Yeah that's a freak story, will probably blog it sometime later. Ok, then came the test, about that later. Today is the this of Jan. Like not even fifty days left for the boards damn. Tomorrow chem 1. Will study it later tonight. After coll, we waited for n, and s was complaining. I had mendhu vada, and then an ice cream for five bucks.
The test went worse than I wanted it to, but I think I will pass. It went really bad. It was total shit. Nothing that I had studied helped even a little bit.
At this point, I was looking at other blogs, and decided not to write about my somewhat sad day... I found this poem on another part of the internet's dark underbelly, it is totally pointless, and I found it by clicking stuff at random but it just makes me burts with laughter...
ok, must make a note of the link it is http://www.makatsu.blogspot.com

Ode To A Barrel:
Ode to the barrel,
For it is of excellent make,
Ode to this barrel,
on the shore of this lake.
but who did make this barrel,
and who does it belong to?
Well now it is my barrel.
Haha, haha, haha. HA!

and this one, even funnier, same guy

Super Ninja Chamberpot Throwers:
We are the ninjas,
The ninjas are we!
We throw chamberpots out of this treeeeeeeeeee!!!!!