About today

Hardly wrote the bio II exam at the classes... managed to finish it in around half an hour, P was disturbing me, so I thought I would walk out. P was continuously pestering me to show him my answers. I wrote about thirty-four marks worth of stuff from the forty in around half and hour, which is pretty good as our paper lasts for two and a half hours. I think I will do well in bio. Physics II tommorrow, don't know a single thing, and yet will go and attempt them.
Did not see any of my coll friends. My father just offered me a 5 star, but I will give that to someone in college tommorrow. C offered me M&Ms in the car today. long time since I had them. The last was around six years ago in A's house. Damn, that was so long ago. We arenot even friends now, but we were like brothers back then. I really like his granny. Sweet old lady. Must go visit them someday, nice people, especially his mother. Even his sister is cool. But Athin was a bit bossy back then...
Miss him a lot just now. Ah well.
Back to reality. Nostalgia is so damn powerful man...
So found a lot of stuff for the occult blog. Damn man, Am I becoming a Satanist. I guess so. I tried some of them out, and do the candle ritual regularly.
The candle ritual is done by everyone every year, atleast when they are between five to eleven. I just found out. Never blown out a candle after making a wish over your birthday cake? That's such an ancient ritual? Its a boiled down version of the candle ritual...
But I will go more the right way than the left way.
Had a shit english paper today. i don't even have a favorite animal, and they asked me to name it. So crude of them. Ah well, I came out early and escaped with c, a, and v. We played pictionary on the way, and A wrote a very funny letter to the princi, whose name is, Rk. hawhawh. Thats a name of a very cheap bar in thane.